Sunday, June 8, 2014

the last week of school is the best week of school!!

6-2-2014 I'm a little sad Kindergarten is over for Dustin, it has been a tough year and he was just really starting to grasp things and catch on - (kinder is not what it used to be it's just tough), but what can you do? The Kindergarten program is always my favorite, they are all so cute and Meja does the cutest slide show of pictures from the whole year!! So sad my little guy is growing up!

6-3-2014 Today was water day, I volunteered to help out with Dusty's class so I missed the other kids but they said it was lame so I guess I didn't miss much! The kindergarteners went over to the fairgrounds to play on a big blow up slide and fun water games! It was a success all the kids LOVED it and as a bonus Scarlet was in charge of getting the big slide so she still had it after school so I headed back over after school was out and let the boys have even more fun. It got a little crazy, but what do you expect with a bunch of boys?

6-4-2014 As if Dustin graduating from kindergarten wasn't hard enough Dillon had to go and graduate from the fifth grade!! How did this happen? His elementary years went by way to fast! But we are both excited for middle school 5th grade was NOT a good year so we are ready for something new!! Dad told him absolutely no D's or F's on any more of his report cards or he won't be getting him a car when he turns 16!! hopefully that's enough motivation to keep good grades!!

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