Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dusty's first visit from the tooth fairy

7-6-2014 Dusty's tiny tooth has been loose for quit a while and he has been wanting it to be pulled out since it had the tiniest little wiggle! He would ask almost everyday if it was ready to be pulled out! FINALLY on Sunday night it was super loose and he wanted it out. I tried to talk him into waiting until Dad was home to help him but he wanted it out so bad he talked Degan into pulling it out for him! We got Dad on face time and after a few unsuccessful attempts Dad told us to do it his way and tie a piece of floss onto the tooth, so that's what we did and Dustin pulled out his own tooth!!

7-22-2014 Dusty's other tiny tooth was wiggly and he kept bugging Darin every 10 minutes (no joke) to pull it out! We made a trip to St. George and he got a lieu in his kids meal and he asked if he could pull his tooth out with it! Than he found a piece of string in the car and asked if he could pull his tooth out with that! We convinced him to wait until we got home and we'd do the floss thing again! To his disappointment the floss trick was not working so he gave his Dad permission to pull it out with some needle nose pliers!! This kid is fearless or crazy!! either way we love hime!!

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