Sunday, July 20, 2014

Independance Day

The fourth started really early for some of us! Dillon & his scout group had to be at the flag raising ceremony at 6:30am! Yup you read it right 6:30am! The Chaplin said a prayer after the flag was raised and in the prayer he of course blessed the soldiers past & present that have served and serve now for our country but he also blessed future soldiers that in the future generations that their would be brave soldiers that would be willing to step up & defend the flag!! I for one have never heard or thought of praying for the future kids to want to fight for our country!! It hit me hard and yes I even got a little teary eyed, I have a little 8 year old that swears he's going to join the army and I always tell him "NO you don't want to do that" and now after hearing that prayer I have vowed to not discourage him, we need brave souls to fight for us!! I've never been to the ceremony before but I think now I will be waking my kids up to attend it was kinda cool! The rest of the day was spent at the fairgrounds playing in the water and later all the original Jones Boys (Bo-Darin-Ty) and their families came over for a BBQ and some sparkler fun!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

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