Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party #1

The kids patiently waiting to open their white elephant gifts!

Dillon with Great Grandma & Grandpa Waters


Dinner Time!

The kids look forward to Grandma Jones' Christmas party every year, and Grandma never disappoints!! she some how manages to spoil all 20 of her grandkids!! Dillon & Degan know and love the traditions she has started!! especially the gingerbread houses, I think it's the table full of candy that they munch on while decorating that makes it every body's favorite!! and of course the white elephant game for the adults is always entertaining!! this year we walked away with an apron (which I love-Thanks Torrey) and some MMR's, popcorn and juice (Thanks-Amanda) Thank You Mom for another wonderful party!! -Dec. 18th-

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