Friday, September 30, 2011


Has been Darin's motto for the last couple of years. When he started getting frequent migraines that were so bad they were making him sick and his left arm would get tingly, we knew it was time to get some answers and figure out what was going on. In May we started in St. George with Dr. Root who ordered a bunch of x-rays, a bone scan & an MRI and discovered that Darin had a bulging disc in his neck that would need surgery. After researching doctors to find the best we ended up in Vegas with Dr. Duke, who did his surgery! On the 27th  Darin was driving to work when the office called to let him know everything had been pre-approved and asked when he wanted to schedule his surgery, he said: "as soon as you can get me in" and she said: "well he has an opening this Thursday!" A little surprised Darin said: "OK, but let me make sure I can get it off" He got everything cleared and was at the hospital the next day getting registered and was ready for surgery on Thursday! It was all a little crazy and last minute and we owe a huge THANK YOU to Jon & Ann for taking our kids! I am so thankful for family that's so close and who love my kids, I'm glad Darin found Dr. Duke, I know he was in the best hands possible for this surgery! and we're both hoping for a speedy recovery!

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