Monday, September 19, 2011


Picture Darin & I shaking our heads in disbelief and laughing at the same time!! Today was like any other day until about 12 o'clock when I got a call from Shelby (Brekan's mom) telling me that Degan got off the bus at her house with Brekan!! Now this little play date was not prearranged by Shelby or myself! I couldn't believe that the bus driver would just let Degan off at a different bus stop but Shelby said it was a different bus driver they'd never had before! Shelby thought about putting him back on the bus, but she thought they both looked so cute walking up with the biggest grins on their faces!! (Ya because their little plan had worked!!) When we went to pick him up a few hours later and asked why he got off at Brekan's house he simply said "Well Brekan wanted to play with me today so I got off the bus at his house!!" I can totally see them sitting on the bus hatching their little plan!! I'm just glad he got off at Brekan's house and not some other random friend I don't know!!

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Tami Here is Holly Hillstead blog too follow--
I hope everything is doing great with u & ur amazing family. Love all very much..