Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday

Jean & Noah Hillstead

Grandma & Grandpa's House
I found these pictures of my Grandpa & Grandma's house tucked away in a folder labeled "really old pics" they were taken back in August of 2004 when I went to Wyoming for my Grandma Hillstead's funeral. Dillon was almost two and we made the long drive with Jim & Carla. Seeing these pictures brought back so many fond memories of my summer vacations spent at my Grandparents house as a kid! It always seemed like we were there during the fair, so we had to take Grandpa to the horse pulls, the rodeo and the races!! Krishna & I would spend our days outside riding horses or on an old ornery pony named Obleeo, who bucked every kid off who ever rode it!! I'm not sure why we kept riding him but we did!! We would play in an old wood shed with our cousins Adam & Anthony or go to their house and jump on the tramp or watch movies! There was a post office just down the street so we'd walk down to check my Grandma's mail and inside was a candy store with a bunch of penny candies to choose from! My Dad would take us fishing in all the creeks and when we were unsuccessful he would take us to the "fish farm" where we were guaranteed many fish, he would also take us to the Red Baron for hush puppies & ice cream!! My Grandparents house was nothing fancy but it was a place I loved to go and looked forward to spending those few weeks of summer break there eating my Grandma's homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, jams, & chicken noodle soup and helping her in the garden and with all her chores. When my family went to look around the house in 2004 it hadn't changed a bit the appliances were all the same and still worked! the box of spools we all played with as kids was still there in the same spot it always was, the Vaseline jar that supported the fridge was still there after all these years! The wood burning fire place and the chair right next to it I always curled up in to stay warm all looked exactly the same! You never would've known that my Grandma was worth over one million dollars when she passed away, she didn't need or want any of the worldly things, she was a wise woman, and a hard worker. I feel very lucky that I got to call her Grandma!!

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Rissy & Spence said...

they for sharing the fondest memory I remembered riding that horse when we came too visit Grandma & Grandpa in Wyoming. I miss them so much & aleast have our memories until we are reunited again with our family someday. Love ya all very much