Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Work Hard For My Money

Dillon got his first official job picking up dog poop at Uncle Jim & Aunt Carla's house for $3 a week! They have 3 dogs so by the end of the week there is a lot of poop to scoop! He says he's saving up for an I-pad!! I know it's an ambitious goal but at least he has a goal and hard labor will make him appreciate it even more. Good Luck Buddy you can do it!!

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Rissy & Spence said...

Good Luck Dillon U will help out alot with Uncle Jim & Aunt Carla out cleaning up after their 3 dogs, & earning ur money to save for ur I-pad.. You are learning how to work at young too save & get what u really want. Take care have super duper week. Love ya all very much. Love ur niece & cousin, Rissy