Friday, October 28, 2011

Horray for Birthday's!!

Degan celebrated #6 today, so we headed into vegas to take him to Cici's pizza for lunch and to Toys R'Us to spend his birthday money! We told him he had $50 to spend on whatever he wanted and he quickly picked out a few star wars & iron man figures that added up to $20 and than walked around the store and couldn't decide on anything and finally told his Dad that that's all he wanted and he was ready to go home and play with his new toys!! Granny & Papa met us at the house and gave him the best presents of all, a halo action figure and a halo lego set! He couldn't stop smiling or hugging Granny!! Than to top off the night we went to a surprise party for Uncle Jim's 50th Birthday!! I think Degan enjoyed being the birthday boy! The past 6 years have gone by way to fast, but I am loving watching him grow up!!

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