Saturday, October 22, 2011

Having a Ball

Coach: Mike Totten
Ruger, Austin, Jared, Bradley, Degan, Robbie,
Jacob, Tahj, Dylan

Super Star
Degan really enjoyed his first year playing soccer!! He has tons of energy so this is a perfect sport for him! He never once complained about having to go to practice or the games, in fact he would've been happy to have practice everyday!! He was a lot of fun to watch and did really well as long as he stayed off the ground and wasn't doing random flips in the middle of a game! He took every position he played very serious, and was a good little hustler. In the last game he almost scored a goal but kicked the goalie in the hand instead. Mike did a good job coaching a bunch of crazy boys and by the end of the season they were looking pretty good out there!! Can't wait till next year!!

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