Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Speed Meet

Veteran's Day 11-11-13 The valley does a veteran's day parade every year! There's not a lot that goes on in this town so when there is you better believe that everybody shows up!! I'm so thankful for every soldier that has ever served in any war and fought for our freedoms!! God Bless America
#1 Fastest kid in 2nd Grade!!

11-7-13 The P.E. Teachers from Bowler, Perkins, Virgin Valley & Bunkerville put on a Speed Meet at the Fairgrounds! They took the four fastest boys & girls from each classroom to run the different events! They practiced for a whole month before and Degan would come home and say how he couldn't beat Lucas or that he almost beat Lucas that day!! The day before the race Darin gave him a pep talk about visualizing in his mind winning and giving it your all!! On the day of the big event he came in first on his race, than when they did the top runners from all the races he had to run against Lucas. Degan didn't come in first but he beat Lucas because Lucas said he twisted his ankle and couldn't run fast!! Lucas wouldn't finish the next race and Degan was upset that he didn't win and started complaining that VV was cheating by jumping the whistle! Darin thinks Degan does better under pressure because he's competitive!! Good Job Degan!!

P.S. Darin bought Degan some running shoes in hopes they would help him run faster!!

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