Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here we go again!


                                                      September 1, 2013
Well the decision has been made... We are moving back to the valley into Cord's Dad's pink house off airport road!! I really do feel good about this decision, poor Cord has been left with a lot to deal with and if we can help out and take something off his hands I'm happy to help and even better for us we got a smokin deal, we agreed to put $800 into an account every month and use it to up date the house with paint and fixtures because this poor house is stuck in the nineties!! It has wallpaper in every room, sponge painting in a few bedrooms, marbled carpet, murals painted on walls, and the walls, trim and ceiling are all painted cream in the places it's not painted red, blue, yellow or green!! We are planning on moving the last weekend in September so the kids can start school on the 30th but before we move Cord & LeAnn will be clearing the house out, they are having the house painted from top to bottom white, and installing new carpet & appliances, and AnnMarie has agreed to clean the house for us for $15 an hour!! (poor thing the house is disgusting with mice crap all over the kitchen - I'm just glad it's her doing it and not me GROSS) The kids are excited to come back but they did make some good friends in our short stay here that will be hard to leave. If there's one thing I learned is that I HATE MOVING!!

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