Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blacklight Run

Jenean, Kennan, Lucas, & two of her sister-in-laws signed up to do a night 5k! A few weeks before the race she asked if the boys & I wanted to run it with them so Kennan & Lucas would each have a buddy! I mentioned the race not totally for sure that I wanted to run it but the boys got super excited and I knew there was no way I would be able to get out of it!! When we got there I was shocked to see the amount of people that signed up to run, it was INSANE and they had a row of like 10 port a potty's for everyone to use so the line for the potty was ridiculous but of course after standing in line for over and hour most of us needed to go! When we got back in line Lucas was running a fever and not feeling good so Jenean took him back to the truck and gave him some pills and moved the truck closer to the finish line so we wouldn't have to hike all the way out to our crappy spot! We finally got started and we hit a super rocky spot and Michelle biffed it and scrapped up her leg and hurt her knee, after that we kinda lost our motivation and cheated big time cutting corners to make it to the dye stations!! I think we ended up only running half the race but who cares we still had fun!!

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