Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Palooza

4-17-2014 The parks & rec had an egg hunt out at the fair grounds. I thought about skipping it but just the mention of candy and the kids were begging to go so of course we headed down there for the festivities! They had the kids split up by ages so I just followed Dax around and he was in heaven with so many eggs just thrown onto the grass the only problem was he wanted to open every egg as soon as he picked it up he did quit get that you get as many as you can and than open them!! but whatever it was still fun!

4-19-2014 This years annual Easter get together was at Bob & Sheryl's! The kids colored eggs at Grandma & Grandpa Smith's in the morning before the BBQ! We set up tables in the garage and let the kids dye their dozen eggs, it's a good thing we were in the garage Dax & Braxton made a huge mess splashing and knocking a few of the cups over!! After the morning fun we headed over to the Hillstead's for an egg hunt, yummy food & family fun!!

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