Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break

4-16-2014 Spring break started out with Degan & Dustin staying a few nights with Ethan & Evan than Ty & Torrey came out to stay and we took them to the lake to do some swimming & a campfire! To our surprise the lake had receded so much that it left a big ol mud pit for the kids to play in! The kids had a ball covering themselves in mud from head to toe! After we cleaned up the muddy mess we ate dinner, started the fire, fixed some smores and Darin & Ty told the kids a scary story about a chupacobra! Dustin was totally freaked out and plugged his ears the whole time!! Good Times!

4-18-2014 The baby of the Spoerri family was in Cedar playing some water polo so the kids and I picked Grandma Smith up and cruised up there to watch Tristan play! I've only watched a handful of polo games so I don't quit get it but once again if somebody I know is playing it's exciting!! and Tristan did awesome scoring quit a few goals! Dax was annoying climbing on everything but it's a good thing he's cute because nobody seemed to mind getting kicked in the back or head!! 

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